The Value of Uniqueness

Excelsior has established its uniqueness in several critical ways. We are a local firm and unlike national chains, we understand and have experience in the way insurance adjusters in our area want things done. In other words, we do not work with a “cookie-cutter” approach. We look at each project with its own specific and unique challenges. The relationships we have are important, so we do not rush in and out to move to the next project. Based on 30 years in New England with various restoration projects, we have dealt with just about every insurance situation there is and with insurance adjusters from a variety of companies. This gives us a body of knowledge that results in productive and detailed results.

About Us
Success is in The Details

Detail and attention to “everything” is critical in the service we provide. Detail and completeness in reporting helps limit your liability in terms of damaged items being overlooked or improperly valued. Even our assessment forms are designed to guide our people to highly accurate reporting, item by item, not overlooking anything. In this way, we assure the most accurate ACV and RCV factors. A simple click on any given photo provides all the detail regarding the item as well as the value, and where it can be purchased: it’s detailed and practical. The goal of Excelsior is to provide insurance adjustors with less to be concerned about as they handle other important tasks.

Onsite Inspection

Thorough onsite inspection capturing all items affected

Photo Documentation

Accurately documenting the contents with photo evidence.

Pricing Accuracy

Properly pricing replacement contents

Efficient Claims Settlement

Coordinating and documenting final spreadsheets.

Our Testimonial

Here what clients say about us

I have used Excelsior Consulting Services on two losses and I found their spreadsheets to be organized by room and easy to navigate. You can click on each description and then go to the pricing documentation which makes it easy to spot check any item in the inventory. The R/C and ACV totals are listed at the bottom of the spreadsheet and easy to find. On both claims the turnaround was quick and the pricing was less than what I was quoted from another vendor. Steve kept me advise of the file status and was available to discuss questions or concerns that came up during the claim. I will use Excelsior Consulting on future losses whenever I can.


Outside Field Adjuster

Steve's team has been a great help in closing claims. Very professional and responsive.


carrier adjuster

Let us help you close claims with accurate documentation.

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